Mirrored This Won't Last Forever Unisex Tee
Mirrored This Won't Last Forever Unisex Tee

Mirrored This Won't Last Forever Unisex Tee

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Let's face it... we all talk to ourselves!

The question is what are we saying?

Introducing our new Mirror Tee Collection

Each design is a truthful phrase that is mirrored on the shirt so that you can read what it says when you are looking in the mirror. 

This is the first design in this collection, and it is what I needed to hear most as a newly postpartum first-time mom. My baby had colic and would scream for hours on end at night no matter what I tried to do to console him. The self-talk in my mind was always, "This is now your life. It will always be this way. What did you get yourself into?! This will last forever!" 

But you know what I needed to hear and realize during that fragile time?

"This won't last forever."

And you know what? It didn't!

That colic-y baby turns 8 YEARS OLD next month, and what I thought would last forever seems like a vapor looking back on it.

This truthful phrase is perfect for so many other situations that life throws at us! Get it for a friend or for yourself, and start spreading and speaking truth!


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