How It All Started...

Hi there! 👋 
I am Amber! 
This is picture of me and my 5 kiddos and should be in the dictionary under #momlife.  
I started this birthy business in 2017 when I was pregnant with Baby #4. 😍 It was my first birth that I decided I needed me a doula! (What took me so long, right?!) My doula happened to be my sister-in-law, and I started making her some doula shirts. She posted them, the online birth community caught wind, and y’all have been blowing my sails ever since! 🌊 ⛵️ ❤️ 

But less about me and more about y’all. I really cannot thank you enough for the support. I fully recognize that there are literally a million and one Etsy shops or friends up the road that could make you a shirt so having you message me your custom order or having my phone make a cha-ching sound from my Shopify store means the world to me!

Not only do y’all order from me when there are so many other options out there but when you do order you patiently wait for me to make it knowing that I prioritize homeschooling my children and being a keeper of my home over this business. I am almost certain if I had started a business with any other target audience I would have already quit from the nasty messages I would’ve received about my turnaround time. This just fuels the fire for my business even more knowing this truth: Mamas and birth workers are some of the most selfless people on the planet. Seriously, your compassion, patience, and understanding overwhelm me on a day-to-day basis. So if no one has told you today, you are amazing! And I cannot thank you enough for not only being a part of my business but my life. 💕