A little about me!

Hi there! My name is Amber. I'm the owner and graphic designer of the shop Mom After God's Own Heart. I am so excited to start blogging and share more about my personal life and experiences and how those things intersect with what I design and why I do what I do over at MAGOH!

I'm first and foremost a follower of Jesus Christ. He is who I live for and who I desire to please. I've been married to my wonderful husband for eight years -- with no end in sight! :) We have four beautiful kiddos earth-side and one that beat me to heaven (more about that in a blog post later). They range in age from a sweet seven-year old to a feisty one-year old. 

I'm a homeschool mom and a special needs mom. I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants mom and a "Hey! Popcorn is a vegetable!" mom. I love drawing on my iPad and talking about Jesus and birth. 

So, that's just a little snippet about me, but I hope my future posts can encourage you in whatever journey you may find yourself in! I feel like I have loads to share, and I'm ready to share it! 

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